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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Safari Condos back on track!

Well, looks as if they are back on track!

Across from the architecturally cool Optima at Goldwater and Scottsdale Road is Safari, a development that has taken a hiatus for the the past couple of years. This development originally included trendy retail, work and live spaces, entertainment and condos in the heart of Scottsdale's urban nivarna.

Safari Drive, a luxury-condominium complex along the Arizona Canal north of Camelback Road is back on track after a long dormancy. Last week, sales resumed on the 4.8 acre mid-rise development. Unit prices start at about $370,000 with three units priced around $1,000,000. The majority of the units are 1,200 to 2,100 square feet. A second, smaller phase is being planned that would be built in front of the project.

Read the full details here: Safari condos resume sales

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Future of Housing

Remember all the talk about the Baby Boomers?  Well, it seems like we are making a transition from the baby boomers making news to the....

Echo Boomers (born from 1981 to 1999)!

I always enjoy the articles in REALTOR Magazine - I found this one interesting as there is on-going discussion about real estate and housing trends - and it all ultimately translates into a homes resale appeal.  A previous post of mine discussed the end of the McMansion era and how people are looking to downsize. Architects are creating spaces that are more open and multi-purposed. Homeowners seek smaller digs with improved functionality, technology and efficiency.

Check out the trends according to Hanley-Woods in REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-7 Trends That Will Drive the Future of Housing