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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Living the Dream

We all know someone who, despite it all, just seems to take everything for granted. 
For me, I am blessed – and know it!  As my Mom used to say, I thank my lucky stars everyday!
I have often said that I could live anywhere.  I am the type of person that looks for the good around me and soaks it all up.  I could probably be content in Des Moines or in Casper, although I’ll stick to where I am, thank you very much.  I’m just the kind of person that makes of best of things and my surroundings. 
But it doesn’t get much better than this!  I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, with clean streets, excellent schools, amazing restaurants, a plethora of cultural attractions, exhibits, events and other exciting things to do nearly every week of the year, plus, access to snowboarding, sailing and sandy beaches just a few hours away.  What a lifestyle!
Well, it seems the word is out.  The February issue of Sunset Magazine has arrived.  The cover boasts a snipe across it with “37 best towns to live your dream”.  As I always do with such a teaser, I immediately flip to the article and low and behold, there we are: Scottsdale, Arizona.  Our town was dubbed the best place to raise your kids! Low crime rates (and decreasing year over year), above state and national averages for standardized test scores, recreation and, of course, outstanding weather helped bump us to the top.   Runners up included Irvine, CA, Spokane and Missoula, MT.
So, if you already live in the Phoenix area, thank your lucky stars! If you’re shoveling the three feet of white stuff off the driveway, get on and get out here.  I’d love to share our lifestyle with you and help you find your own piece of nirvana. And, if you have kids, even better! After all, I speak from experience: Mine turned out amazing and I couldn't be more proud.
To  check out the complete article and 36 other places that might make a nice getaway, pick up the February issue of Sunset Magazine and see for yourself (it’s too new to even be online!).
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