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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

QR Codes Can Get it Sold!

No, it’s not an ink blob from the psychiatrist.  It’s my personal QR code.  Go ahead, scan it!

Is wasn’t long ago that Kyle and I were saying, “Check out the cool cross-trainers.”  Times have changed and now its, “Check out the QR code.”

We’re just starting to see ‘em pop up – everywhere, lately.  At first, you’d only see one every once in awhile.  Then, around election time, they started showing up on campaign signage.  Now, I’ve seen them in magazines, on gas pumps, even the packaging label at the store.  And, yes, they are becoming a big deal in real estate, too!

QR codes were originated in Japan and are bar codes of sorts designed to give consumers “quick response.”  Developed my Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in the mid-‘90’s, most of the public were unable to obtain data from them, until now.

Technology changes faster than most people change their underwear, or so it seems.  Now with our Androids, or most smart phones, we can scan a code and immediately have access to detailed information about the subject, whether it is in the form of text, a URL address or other data.  One thing is for certain, we’re going to see them on everything in the very near future.

Real estate marketing is such an application for QR codes – you’ll soon see them on yard signs and property flyers.  This is a huge benefit to the potential buyer, as he or she can get immediate access to information about the property they are standing in front of – it could be a fact sheet on the home, a web link to a virtual tour and photography or other pertinent information.

Fortunately, the real estate agents at John Hall and Associates have constant access to important and ever-changing technology and information, including training, to keep us on top of the industry.  Another huge benefit to our sellers, buyers and other folks looking for the latest information on Phoenix area real estate.

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