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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Real Estate Agent Reviews

We’ve long made our buying decisions based on a products ranking or how well it is rated or perceived by others.  Real estate agent reviews are also becoming a key factor in the selection of a real estate agent.
How does your agent measure up?

Ratings, reviews and ranking’s help us all in picking a product or service.  We’ve selected hotels and restaurants for their “stars,” movies for their “thumbs up,” even the wines we serve for dinner are often selected based on their numerical rating.  We go to Yelp to see comments from people who’ve actually been there/done that.  Often times, these first-hand testimonials help us decide whether or not we select a product or service and define our expectations. 
As the real estate climate continues to evolve and with technology becoming a much greater influence on how the business of real estate is conducted, more and more people go on-line to begin their property searches – and now, much like Yelp, people are evaluating potential real estate agents based on their on-line reviews.
 Unfortunately, there is no one single place for real estate agent reviews and a number of sites are implementing a rating system.  When you search on-line, a number of sites pop up which can make it difficult.  But, two of the biggest and most searched real estate agent review sites are INCREDIBLE AGENTS and ZILLOW’s agent review.   
I googled agent review sites and took some time scanning the list of agents.  Not many agents have reviews posted yet, but I promise, as time goes by, we’ll start to see more and more testimonials populate the world wide web.  Those that do have reviews, come to the top first – and let me tell you – are most impressive! 
See for yourself - The most popular review sites seem to be:
And, there are plenty of other sites, too. 
Check ‘em out.  I think you’ll agree real estate agent reviews are a very helpful tool for the public when they face one of the most important decisions of their life.  After all, they’re not buying or selling underwear.

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