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Friday, April 8, 2011

Neighborhoods like they used to be...

Remember the neighborhoods from TV? Leave it to BeaverBewitched, The Brady Bunch...Those shows helped us define our neighborhoods - they planted the seeds of expectations of the way life should be.  That was indeed a different time.  Ah, life was good back then.

The very make-up of our neighborhoods have changed over the years - and there are a number of reasons they changed from those we grew to love on TV.  Some of the changes may be positive.  Others perhaps not.

For the past several years, Gilbert, AZ has been a progressive leader in re-defining neighborhoods.  Here's a community that has consistently been ranked in one of the top places to raise a family, one of the fastest growing communities, one of the most affordable communities, etc., etc. 

Looks like Gilbert is working hard to make sure their neighborhoods stay strong and connected - I love their grass-roots approach to growing strong!  Check it out - and it's ok to participate!

Photo from Flickr courtesy of Chas Redmond.

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