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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rental Property Means Smart Move For Many Investors

Owning rental property in Phoenix is becoming a hot topic! Phoenix area rental property is picking up steam, with rents increasing and along with it comes savvy investors looking for “mail-box money.”

Talk to many financial advisors and they’ll tell you, owning rental property can have a number of advantages.  When most people run the numbers, the math points to a higher rate of return than if they put their money in the traditional investment market – plus, they’re assured the much desired “mail box money,” a proven formula for on-going income easing the burden of life as we age.

I entered the rental market myself a year or two ago.  Home prices are at an all time low and so are interest rates for a loan.  I ran the numbers a variety of different ways and each time I did, the answer was the same – It didn’t make sense not to acquire rental property.  I placed a home warranty protection plan on them to give me – and the tenants - peace of mind.  It was a great decision and I haven’t looked back since! 

So if you see me heading to the mail box, now you know what’s behind that ear-to-ear grin I wear!  If you're thinking about rental property, let's chat.

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