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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scratch the Itch with Historic Phoenix Homes

You are most certainly aware by now that I have an addiction to historic homes.  Phoenix historic homes offer a terrific opportunity today for the restoration minded and real estate investor. 

I’ve always been drawn to historic properties and I yearn to be more of an involved preservationist.  The architecture, styling, arches and even the creaks I feel when walking the wooden-floored halls all strike my very soul.  The minute I walk into a character home of historic significance I can’t help but drift off in time and wonder about the lives that filled the property in decades past.

I was out previewing this morning in the Roosevelt Historic District, Willo Historic District, the FQ Story and Encanto districts and am still having a tough time coming back to reality.  There are some incredible buys on the market today – many need work although some I saw this morning that are move-in ready. 

There’s something about the neighborhoods in historic areas.  For some reason the neighbors are neighborly!  Talk about the way things used to be! I must have met a handful of neighbors today taking great pride in their neighborhoods as they were painting the wood trim or tending a garden bed.  They’d wave hello and offer a cheerful hello as I was walked from the car to the porch.  One talked about the 40 year history and the many memories she had in her family home.  One neighbor proudly boasted that he had to come “rescue” the property he now called home.  It’s this kind of respect for the past and commitment to preservation that is adding allure (and value, I might add) to these charming communities.

Investors are finding historic Phoenix quiet attractive, too  – Many of these homes feature guest houses or second floor apartments, an ideal set-up for someone looking for the ever-so-desirable “mail box” money and on-going rental income. 

Here’s a teaser as to what I saw today:

Lead photo above is in the Roosevelt Histroic district of Chelsea Place.  This century-old bungalow was built in 1911 and features 6 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths in 4328 square feet.  It is offered at $379,000.

FQ Story 1934 with 4 beds/3 baths in 1650 sf. Offered at $124,900.

FQ Story 1931 with 3 beds/2 baths in 1482 sf. Offered at $195,000. Wonderful guest house, too!

West Encanto 1941 charmer with 3 beds, 1 3/4 baths in 2100 sf. Offered at $249,000.

Willo home built in 1940 with 4 beds, 3 baths in 1785 sf.  Offered at $174,900.  Includes one of the cutest guest houses I've seen in a long time, complete with vintage ovens!

If you're hankering for a resotoration project and you have the heart and soul of a preservationist, now's a terrific time.  And, you know me, I'm always ready to take a trip back into time explore some of the historic beauties of Phoenix, so don't hesitate to call me!

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