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Monday, August 22, 2011

Show and Tell

Remembering my first few days back at school each year, Show and Tell was always an agenda item.  The teacher would have each student come up front and tell the class about his or her summer.  Nervously, we’d come to the front of the classroom and describe some educational adventure, a family camping trip, perhaps a road trip vacation. 

With my passion for homes – new and old, I thought I’d do the same and take you on an arm chair tour to the Rocky Mountain town of Grand Lake, CO where each year I am fortunate enough to spend a cool, peaceful and relaxing week with my entire family.   

Founded in the late 1870’s, Grand Lake began as a mining town and a summer haven for the well-to-do that could venture over Trail Ridge Road where the elevation peaks at over 11,000 feet.  They’d arrive in their horse drawn buggies after the snow finally melts sometime after the 4th of July.  The destination was clearly worth the journey and they built some wonderful cabins, cottages and lakeside retreats to be used as their vacation homes.

Sit back and enjoy some of the historic and significant homes of Grand Lake:
Abandoned cabin at Big Meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park circa late 1800's.

The famed Hallmark family home.

The Grand Lake Yacht Club

If you go, you need to make a point to visit the Kaufmann House, home to the Grand Lake Historical Society.  And, no trip to Grand Lake is complete without an evening of fine dining and relaxing at the historic Rapids Lodge overlooking the river. 

Not a bad spot for a vacation home, eh?

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