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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not Your Everyday Bank Owned Home

People are always looking for a great deal, especially when it comes to real estate.  You can find a foreclosure in nearly every neighborhood.  And, August market statistics show these types of sales made up nearly 70% of the transactions.  Usually, they are priced to sell and don’t stay on the market very long.

We’ve seen the news segments showing a couple who lost their job, couldn’t get a loan mod, went through their entire life savings and finally had to walk away from their home.  Unfortunately, those stories of hardship are pretty common lately.

Distressed properties can be found in every price range.  Foreclosed properties are not just in the lower priced segments any more. 

But, I have to point out another side to the foreclosure story.  Homeowners that didn’t lose their jobs.  People with bank accounts as hefty as a small country.   People who lost equity in their home (who didn’t) and didn’t have a snowballs chance in Phoenix to make it up.  People that sat around the pool one night drinking their glass of Opus One and decided not the make any more mortgage payments.  These are the folks that coin the new term: Strategic default, and it’s the reason we’re seeing REO’s in the ultra-luxury market as well.

Thanks to Candy over at Candy's Dirt for pointing this one out: Here’s one bank owned beauty I just had to pass along.  And, I don’t know the full story behind it, but I do know that the couple that turned it back to the bank did at the time have income – significant income, I might add. Sure the bills must be exorbitant.  The maid and lawn service alone has to cost a small fortune.  Plus, the annual real estate taxes of $52,000 would surely put a dent in most people’s check books.  For whatever reason, they decided foreclosure was their best option.

Here’s what they gave up:

5 acres, 7 beds, 10 baths spanning 17,000 square feet in Paradise Valley (well, actually a total of 25,000 feet under roof).  The home features two pools, a 2 bedroom guest house of nearly 2,000 square feet, movie theatre, his and hers libraries, his and her dressing rooms, a billiards room, a piano room, a wine room, an exercise room and a Jay Leno-like garage to accommodate 21 cars.  Oh, I can’t forget the $1.2 million security and sound system and its own solar electric generating station.

Now offered for sale, it can be yours for a mere $15,995,000.  The bank has reduced the list price from its original asking price of $17,900,000. Check out the full listing here.

Now, I’m trying to figure out what the hardship must have been.  I’m guessing the true hardship facing the previous owners of this bank owned beauty is deciding on Brazilian hardwood or Italian marble for their new digs. 

Photos courtesy of ARMLS.

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