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Monday, September 27, 2010

Urban Chic

Photo from ARMLS

I see a lot of homes each week.  Some are with buyers.  Sometimes I am out previewing property as I prepare for clients.  I came across one property I just had to share with you.

Some could even describe it as Purposeful Obsolescence. 

Photo from ARMLS
As you drive down the tree-lined streets in Yaple Park, you feel like your back in Mayberry in 1951.  This is an historical area just off of 7th Avenue in the Melrose area of central Phoenix.  Although many of these homes were constructed in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s and are any where between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet – they are largely original - there's a newcomer on the block.

 A number of young urbanites have found central Phoenix as an ideal spot to mingle affordability with urban charm.  Yaple Park is a blend between the younger adults moving in next door to the original homeowners holding on to a simpler past. 

Talk about the young and the old – one example clearly stands apart from the crowd.

Photos taken from ARMLS

From what I can tell, this property began as a 1,200 square foot brick post-war home and has grown into a 3,519 square foot 3 bed, 4 bath urban contemporary complete with basement.  Polished concrete floors, painted block walls and a loft-like stainless gourmet kitchen.  Retro and sleek.  Glass everywhere.  In the side courtyard off the motor court is a rectangular soaking pool perfectly placed in the corner against the living room glass. 

Master bath - photo taken from ARMLS
As I was touring this home, I was amazed at the space, the detail, the contemporary lines but had to question the location.  After all, this is Mayberry.  Was the architect ahead of the times for the neighborhood and a bit too progressive or was this a home that was going to be a glimpse of what was to follow? 

As I drove away, I thought to myself.  I could live there – if only it was more uptown, or more downtown or something.  For me, it was not the right house for the neighborhood. 

But who am I?  Originally listed for $535,000, after 200 days and a price reduction to $320,000, the home went under contract this weekend. 

Here’s proof, there’s a buyer for every home and clearly people are discovering it’s a tremendous time to buy.  Someone is getting one heck of home - you'll probably see it in some magazine some day.

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