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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Windows: Single vs. Double Pane

About a year and a half ago I won the bid on a bank owned fixer I now call home. During the walk-through of the inspection, my inspector suggested I may want to consider replacing the old single pane windows with the more efficient dual pane variety.

My windows and doors were original – the home was built in 1984 and it was obvious they were not ideal. There was clear evidence of where water had been entering from around the window frames, they didn’t seal shut properly and dirt was caked on the sills; some didn’t open and while others could have served as a guillotine – they’d slam shut on their own as they wouldn’t stay up without placing a stick underneath.

I was nervous about the cost of replacement windows. I did my research on-line and talked to a number of energy experts and remodel gurus. Clearly, I was going to half to bite the bullet at some point. I could either do it now and enjoy the benefits myself or wait a while, but certainly they needed to be done before it came time to put the home back on the market.

As a real estate agent, I knew when my buyers were looking at Phoenix area homes, they always looked at windows and mentally evaluated whether or not they would need to be replaced. Often times, the condition of the windows would be a deal breaker – they would take a home off the list because of single pane windows.

On my home, the original windows were the black framed aluminum kind, with the dated - ‘80’s-style grids. I knew replacing them would go a long way in dressing up the way the house looked, not only from the street, but from inside as well.

I did my research and shopped around. A client of mine suggested I talk with Daytona Windows, locally owned company with whom he had done business. I phoned Daytona and Andy came over the very next day at the appointed time. He thoroughly explained my options to me, what was involved and the entire process. He won the bid and was awarded my business. Not only was he punctual and efficient, but his work was clean and tidy, and his product amazing. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Daytona Windows recommended Milgard Windows and Doors®, a product with a great reputation. I went with Low-E, Energy Star® rating, and then I opted for the 3D upgrade providing a minimum of a 10% increase in energy efficiency performance. I qualified for a Milgard Energy Package Rebate to the tune of $20 for each window and $80 for each slider, plus I received a full lifetime warranty – including coverage for glass breakage. On top of all that, I qualified for a tax credit of over $2,000 from Uncle Sam.

Today, I enjoy windows that open and close as they are supposed to, keep dirt out and seal properly. Cool air stays in; hot air stays out.  As far as energy efficiency goes, I have seen a difference in my electric bill. I didn’t spend too much time crunching the numbers, but here’s a real quick sampling of a couple of recent months electrical usage:

                                             2010                          2009                    Savings*

May                                       5.92                            2.92                       51%

Jun                                         6.56                           4.04                        38%

*Data based on my APS billing statements. Amounts listed are average daily usage.

There are a number of statistics out there discussing ROI on replacement windows. Milgard cites a 99% return on your investment according to a 2005 research study conducted by Remodeling Magazine. Other more conservative statistics suggest it can be around 80%. In any case, pretty impressive to me.

So, if you’re thinking about windows, shop around, but make sure you talk to Andy and Laurie at Daytona Windows.  And, should you decide to have your windows replaced, you will reduce your energy consumption and greatly enhance the curb appeal. And, when it comes time to sell, the home with the double pane windows will out shine the home with single panes every time.

Daytona Window can be reached by calling 602-788-0600 or via e-mail at Tell them I suggested you call.

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