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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An AZ Owner’s Manual?

Ever wish you had an owner’s manual for your life? 

We have ‘em for the toaster. And, for the vacuum.  One for the car.  I’ve got one for the TV, the microwave, the cell phone and even the alarm clock. 

But, when we move into a Phoenix area home, we have to go without? What’s up with that.

Ah, contraire. 

The home inspection is the important first step to learning about your new home.  The inspector will walk you through the home and can show you all sorts of things you’d never think to ask about – From the electrical box, to the fire sprinkler shut-off valves; they are a great source for all sorts of important stuff.  Ask and he (or she) will take all the time you need.  Have them walk you around the home and point out the sewer clean outs, the circuit breaker, the water main.  They can help with not only the items needing fixing, but with suggestions for on-going preventative maintenance to keep your new home in as good of condition as possible.  And, don’t feel you can’t get an inspection if you’re not buying a home.  Use them periodically to give your home a periodic “physical.”  You’ll be glad you did.

After moving in, another great resource is your home warranty company.  They want to keep your home running smoothly, so tap into them for all sorts of helpful preventative tips.

Ok, then what? 

Ask any one and they’ll tell you.  Arizona’s a bit different.  For one, it’s the climate.  For another, the soil is sand and hard as a rock.  Well, I’ve learned to look forward to a couple of publications that come to me monthly.  Sunset and Phoenix Home & Gardens.  I couldn’t go without.

Each month, I get gardening and landscaping advice from experts that understand Arizona, our soil and our plants.  There are tips about what to plant when, what to trim where and what to feed.  Plus, great ideas for the spontaneous weekend getaway.  Anything you need about living indoors or out.  I get the complete calendar of events – all the art events, the shows, charity fundraisers and happenings around the state and am never at a loss for what to do.  Plus, some terrific tips on keeping my home looking its best.

For me, these pubs are my Arizona owner’s manuals.  No one twisted my arm to give ‘em a plug – I’ve just found the recipe for great Arizona living.

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