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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Guide for the Winter Visitor

Welcome to Arizona! We’re delighted to have you in our magnificent state.  Whether your visit is for just a week or two, or you’re planning on being with us through “season”, we hope you relax and enjoy. 

You are essential to our economy and we are humbled that Arizona is part of your travel plans.  You’ll find locals to be welcoming and we are delighted to share the Valley of the Sun with you.  Area businesses and merchants are eager to serve and are so appreciative of your selecting Arizona for your winter respite. You’ll love our restaurants, world class golf, sparkling pools, pristine walking and biking paths and shopping galore.  Our museums, our libraries and our arts venues are “musts” for the to-do list. 

Perhaps you’ll even fall in love with our community and decide to own your own Phoenix area home. [I can help you with a top-notch real estate agent if you’d like].

To enjoy our community to the fullest extent and for your own safety, we appreciate your following these visitor guidelines when driving about:

1)  Right-hand turns should be executed from the right lane of the road.

2)  Left-hand turns should be executed from the left hand lane.

3)  Keep your vehicle in “D” when motoring through traffic. “P” and “R” should be reserved for your garage or parking areas, not in traffic lanes on the main roadways.

4)  Sometimes a difficult concept to remember, but green lights at intersections signal the driver to go.  Red means stop.  An easy way to remember this is to associate the first letter of each color with the appropriate action:  “G” for “GO; “R” for “REST.”

5)  Carefully observe signage that addresses the speed at which you are permitted to travel.  Please note, as a general rule and weather conditions permitting, you should be travelling at a speed of no less than one equal to approximately 78% of the posted maximum.  For example, if the speed limit posted is 45 mph – and it is safe to do so – your vehicle should be traveling at least 35 mph.  If you conditions are not safe to drive within the tacit range, move over to the right hand lane, or rest your vehicle in a nearby parking lot until it is safe to do so.  15 mph is acceptable in parking lots, some residential neighborhoods and in school zones, not major thorough fares.  If you are most comfortable driving at 20 or 25 mpg, please refrain from using the highway system.  

6)  Many roads in Arizona have white lines painted on the asphalt.  Please keep you vehicle between the lines.  They are not to be straddled.  This guideline can be applied to parking lots as well.

7)  We encourage you to take advantage of our extensive public transportation options available.  Our bus system, Valley Metro, is extremely reliable and provides a great way to enjoy the scenery while getting around town without the hassles of driving.  The Metro Light Rail is an adventurous way to travel Tempe to Phoenix and has received rave reviews and accolades from transportation gurus, proponents of the green movement, hip urbanites and drunken college kids alike. 

Once again, welcome to our great state - Have fun, think about a permanent home here, enjoy your winter and let's all stay safe!

©2010 Tom Weiskopf, PLLC.  Tom Weiskopf, PLLC is an AZ licensed real estate agent with John Hall & Associates serving the Phoenix area. For more information, Tom can be reached at (602) 953-4000 or via e-mail at 

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