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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seller Incentives May Just Get the Job Done

Sellers providing an incentive to a buyer just may be the proverbial cherry on top of the sundae according to some.  Frustrated with the looky loo’s traipsing through your family room at dinner time without making an offer?  Some buyers may need an extra nudge to get them to buy.

Getting a potential buyer to pull the trigger can be through various incentives and some sellers are smart enough to understand this strategy.  We’ve long seen sellers offering a home warranty protection plan to the buyer, but we are also seeing incentives taking on a more creative flair. 

Customized incentives seem to be catching on according to an article in Realtor Magazine, and they’re getting results.  How about a (sizable) gift card to the local Home Depot so the buyer can redo the counter tops or get a new vanity for the powder room?  Maybe it’s a credit at the local garden shop/nursery to update the landscaping.  How about a credit towards closing costs?  Other ideas include a year’s worth of HOA dues paid by the seller or the pool service pre-paid for a year.  Find out which seller incentives are tempting buyers here.

If you’re thinking about selling, have staged the home to its best potential and still need to stand out from the crowd, considering an incentive to the buyer and promote it prominently! 

As an agent myself, I'd love to know some of your ideas for incentives - let me know what's worked for you as a seller, or what you'd be attracted to if you were the buyer.  Post your comments and let's see those ideas!

Giving the buyer an incentive may just may be your ticket to the sold sign rider out front!

Photo from Flickr courtesy of stevendepolo.

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